Firefighters Saved Christmas Presents in Carlsbad Fire

Fire chief said crews made it a priority to save Christmas in Carlsbad fire

When fire spread quickly through an apartment near San Diego, fire crews made it a priority to save Christmas.

The fire broke out inside an apartment complex fire in Carlsbad early Christmas morning.

Not only did fire crews stop the fire from spreading but they were able to salvage some of the presents from under the tree.

Two units were damaged in the fire that originated in a bedroom in one of the apartments on Park Drive around 2:30 a.m.

Of the four people living in the apartments, one person suffered minor injuries.

Carlsbad Fire Division Chief Mike Lopez said firefighters contained the fire within 10 minutes.

“Our firefighters made it a priority to get those gifts out,” Lopez said. “We did manage to salvage their Christmas gifts.”

A pet suffered minor burns Lopez said. The owner of the pet transported the animal to a nearby veterinarian for treatment.

Fire investigators will look into what caused the fire.

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