Carlsbad Female-Owned Businesses Show Support for Each Other, Community With Block Party

Four female-owned businesses on Grand Ave. welcomed old and new customers together, they didn’t compete for them. It's something that seemed to gain traction during the pandemic

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Small businesses were some of the hardest hit during the pandemic. In Carlsbad, the tough times actually brought several female-owned businesses together. Saturday, they threw a block party called 'Girls on Grand' showing their support for each other and the community that has kept them afloat.

Four female-owned businesses on Grand Avenue welcomed old and new customers together, they didn't compete for them. It's something that seemed to gain traction during the pandemic.

Meghan Scholl owns Retail Therapy and came up with the block party idea.

"Carlsbad is such a huge community vibe. Like, I have so many good clients that are moms, nurses, teachers and I just wanted to find a way to give back to our community of the village," said Scholl.

After getting through the pandemic, she realized it was time to introduce herself to other like-minded women on the block.

"If you open a small business you definitely have to have a lot more heart and passion. And that kind of pushes you through to support everyone around you and lift each other in a time like that," said Scholl.

Lisa Landers and Jacqueline Brown each have their own shops selling clothing, accessories and jewelry. 

"I think it's just so much better to operate in community vs. competition because we all have something different. We are all bringing something unique and different to the village. And we want to spotlight that," said Landers.

Landers had just opened one of her Swirl Boutique locations right before the pandemic.

"To kind of have that momentum and then to have it be halted due to the pandemic, when no one can open their stores, was really devastating at first," said Landers.

They were able to adapt with things like curbside shopping. And they would refer each other to others, if a customer was looking for something outside of one of their inventories. All have clothing and accessories ranging from $20 to high-end prices.

"I think everybody, no matter what age, what size, can definitely find something at any of our stores," said Landers.

This will be the first of many events they say.

"We're letting people know that we’re here and that we want to meet you. So come out and support the local biz," said Landers.

Putting their own spin on one-stop shopping.

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