Carlsbad Condo Owners Cleaned Out After Fumigation

Thieves took jewelry, electronics, and important personal information.

A north county neighborhood is targeted by thieves at a vulnerable moment.

It happened to residents in the Bayshore Condominium Complex in Carlsbad either during or after their homes were fumigated for termites.

They lost jewelry, computers, and other valuables that you might expect to be taken in a burglary. But these thieves also took things the residents did not think to take with them when were displaced for fumigation: passports, tax returns and banking information.

"Your Way Fumigation Inc." tented all 40 units in the complex at once, according to residents. The units were sprayed for termites Tuesday through Thursday.

Homeowners had no choice but to leave with their pets and plants to stay elsewhere.

One woman, who wished to be identified only as Grace, said she lost thousands in jewelry, family heirlooms, electronics among other valuables.

“Our shotgun is loaded. I had genealogy information they were interested in that it's not just the easy thing you would think of,” Grace said.

The tents around Grace's condo and six others were slashed. One resident found a dirty hand print at the window where the suspects entered and by the attic opening. Thieves stole valuables and rifled through seven years of tax records.

“You just don't know. What are they looking for, what do they want,” Grace said.

NBC 7 called the company and left a message for some explanation.

Victims said they paid double for the fumigation, once through HOA fees, a second time through insurance deductibles to cover their losses.

They don't intend to pay anymore.

“I'm not going to be revictimized by allowing that to haunt me,” Grace said.

In the last 24 hours, victims said they have had to cancel credit cards, change computer passwords for on line accounts, even change bank account security codes. Because personal identification information was targeted, the impact of the break-ins may not be known for months.

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