Carl DeMaio Calls For Gas Tax Repeal and Senator Recall

Conservative talk radio show host Carl DeMaio is launching a recall  campaign against State Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) hoping to break up the Democrats supermajority.

On his radio show Monday, DeMaio pushed for a repeal of car tax the California State Legislature recently passed.

“Rollback the car tax and gas tax or we’re coming for you next,” he said.

The tough talk is part of DeMaio’s campaign called “Stop The Car Taxes.”

Gas prices are going up 12-cents per gallon and 20-cents for diesel.

Vehicle registration fees on the rise too, depending on your car’s age, between $25 and $175.

The increases projected to raise more than $50 billion over ten years for infrastructure and road repairs.

“We have $100 billion for high speed rail but need $50 billion for roads? How about we cancel high speed rail and put savings into our roads,” exclaimed DeMaio.

DeMaio’s campaign plans to file recall papers in the next month against Senator Newman--hoping to collect 60,000 valid signatures to force him from office.

“That’s  a lot of political fandangle to get something done,” said Kevin Caldwell as he was gassing up his SUV. "It’s  already passed what the heck. Let it go."

Adam Fox who spends roughly $100 dollars several times a week gassing up his truck said, “ I hope they take it down. Do something. There's plenty other places to tax other than gas."

Recalling Senator Newman would mean ousting a legislator who drafted a measure to make sure the gas tax money is spent properly.

“Senator Newman authored a constitutional amendment to give voters assurances the money we would raise would go towards fixing the roads," explained Monica Schmalenberger, spokesperson for Senator Newman.

Something that is key concern because the “fuel swap" allowed former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to use gas taxes that meant for road repairs to balance the budget. 

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