New Job Offer for Teacher Fired in Domestic Violence Dispute

A school official saw Carie Charlesworth's story on NBC 7 San Diego and wanted to help

The San Diego-area woman fired from her teaching job because of her ex-husband's violent behavior has a job offer.

A school official in the Los Angeles area made the offer after seeing NBC 7 San Diego’s coverage on the controversial termination of a teacher at Holy Trinity School in El Cajon.

Carie Charlesworth was emotional after learning that the viewer, who wants to remain anonymous, was so touched by her story she would like to offer her a job.

"It's good to know that people generally care about other people," Charlesworth said.

Charlesworth is the victim of domestic violence and was terminated from her teaching job earlier this year, after school officials said they were concerned about her ex-husband's threatening behavior.

The second grade teacher was put on indefinite leave, and her four children were also asked to no longer attend the school.

A letter sent to Charlesworth said that school officials are concerned about her ex-husband's "threatening and menacing behavior," and as a result they "cannot allow" her to continue teaching at the Holy Trinity School.

Despite an outpouring of parents who voiced their support for the school's decision, this anonymous school official says she's willing to take the risk and give Charlesworth a job.

"For me, I was angry at the thought that she had done nothing wrong, and yet she was being hurt by that herself," the school official said.

The woman runs a private school in the Los Angeles area and said from educator to educator, it's the least she could do.

"If nothing else, I'm more than happy to simply say to her, 'There's somebody out there that cares,'" the official told NBC 7 San Diego.

After taking her situation public, Charlesworth thought her career would be over. Now she says she's beyond thankful to get another chance.

"To take someone they don't even know and to offer a job opportunity,” she said. “It's amazing to me."

Charlesworth and the school official still need to talk things over, but she said she would be willing to relocate to the Los Angeles area for the job.

She's still on paid leave from the school, but that will run out in August. So she said she is exploring other options.

Her ex-husband is scheduled to be released from jail at the end of June.

Meanwhile, both the San Diego Catholic Diocese and the school have declined to comment on this story.

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