Cardiff Street Art Parodies Shark Attack

A California street artist took inspiration from surfer Mick Fanning’s close encounter with a shark last weekend.

Fanning fought off two sharks in South Africa during a surfing competition televised live on Sunday.

The street mural recently popped up in Cardiff showing Fanning in a wet suit taking a bite out of the shark’s fin.

The art is titled “Fin Bitin’ Mick Tyson,” also drawing inspiration from boxer Mike Tyson’s ear-biting episode in 1997.

The anonymous street artist who goes by "BERT" created the mural, which you can find near the Cardiff Kook on South Coast Highway 101.

BERT art posted the photo on the artist's Instagram account, with the caption: “One of the sketchiest moments in sports history, stoked you came out on top, mate!”

The Instagram feed also shows several folks taking pictures next to the street art.

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