Car Drove Off Cliff in San Diego

The car appears to have driven backward off the cliff to the beach 50 feet below officials said.

Firefighters and lifeguards rushed to help one person injured when a car drove off a cliff near San Diego Monday.

The vehicle fell to the sand 50 feet below, landing along the water line in a cove near Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and Osprey Street around 5:20 a.m.

The sole occupant of the vehicle got out of the car, walked around and into the water at first and then eventually sat down on the beach under the cliff.

San Diego Fire-Rescue put two lifeguard swimmers into the water while they set up a rope system to lower a paramedic down to the beach.

Officials say the injured man was too combative to fly at first but the paramedic and lifeguards managed to stabilize him so he could be airlifted to UC San Diego Medical Center.

A witness who called 911 said the gate in the parking area near the incident had been snapped off and it was wide open.

Fire officials said they weren't sure if the man crashed his car through the gate.  The vehicle appeared to have rear-end damage.

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