Car Into Ravine May Be Homicide

A car crash into a ravine off Highway 67 in Lakeside may in fact be a homicide investigation.

After emergency crews responded to the report of a car found about 100 feet off the road just north of Slaughterhouse Canyon Rd. Tuesday afternoon, they noticed something suspicious about the bodies of two women found near the vehicle.

The medical examiner estimates they had been there for about two days, according to San Diego County Sheriff's Lt. Dennis Brugos.

The area where the bodies were located is covered with thick brush and that was just one reason why this may be more than just a car accident.

CHP officers say specific conditions with the vehicle at the crash site were not consistent with this being a vehicle accident.

"The injuries on the person did not seem to be consistent with a traffic accident," Brugos said.

One woman appeared to be in her sixties -- the other about half as old, deputies said. Homicide investigators will work to identify the victims and start piecing together what may have happened. 

Officers also said there were no skid marks or other evidence of a crash.

The vehicle is registered to two people, but authorities have not yet determined if the two people found dead owned the vehicle. The license plate on the vehicle is registered to Michael and Thao Richardson.

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