San Diego

Car Crashes Into San Marcos Restaurant, Misses Customer by Seconds

Twenty seconds was the difference between a big mess and serious injuries when a car crashed into a San Marcos restaurant on Tuesday.

Surveillance footage from inside the Pita Guys on N. Twin Oaks Valley Road caught the crash and the tense moments that followed.

A customer can be seen walking her food from the cashier to a table in the corner of the restaurant. She sets it down on a table and heads back toward the ordering line.

She stops for a moment and pulls out her phone, then just as she turns around to head back to her food, a mere 20 seconds after setting it down -- bang.

The car crashes into the front windows of the restaurant, spraying a cloud of glass and violently shoving her table and chairs.

She and several other customers are stopped in their tracks, and within seconds customers and employees can be seen headed outside, presumably to check on the driver.

No injuries were reported.

A building inspector was called to the restaurant to check for structural damage, according to deputies.

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