Car Crashes Into Emerald Hills Home Twice In Three Days

"I’m starting to lose sleep," said Jeremy Deady.

The sense of safety for some residents in part of Emerald Hills has been shattered by a series of out of control cars plowing through fences and yards of people’s homes.

The Deady family's fence is a mangled mess and their nerves are rattled after a car destroyed the backyard fence of their home on 60th Street and Chaumont Drive for the second time in three days.

"I’m starting to lose sleep," said Jeremy Deady. "Every car that drove by, I’d cringe a bit thinking is this going to happen again."

Despite recent curve signs being put up, an out-of-control driver slammed into their backyard fence around 2 a.m. Tuesday. The collision destroyed what little fence was left after a driver on Saturday afternoon crashed in the same spot.

That makes three crashes onto their property since February. Five, the family said, since they moved in almost three years ago.

The demolished fence now leaves no protection for the family's yard where Deady's two children play.

"Some action needs to be taken because somebody is going to get hurt and we’ve already, I mean, when is our luck going to be up," said Raeanne Deady.

Drivers speeding up 60th Street from the State Route 94, sometimes under the influence, are to blame according to residents.

Neighbor Donna Estwick is shell-shocked remembering the two cars that have mowed through her yard.

"I like to do gardening and work in my yard and it makes you uncomfortable being out there because you don’t know if someone is going to come flying up the street or not," said Estwick.

The front yard of the Deady's home is now off-limits for their two children, both under 4 years old.

The Deady's have contacted their local councilmember and neighbors have contacted the city.

"I feel like it’s a simple solution. Like a stop sign. Two stop signs, one on each side," Raeanne said.

Residents did meet with a city engineer in March.

Curve signs were put up but that hasn’t stopped drivers from plowing into the family's home.

A spokesman for the city is working to provide information regarding what, if any, additional safety provisions are planned. 

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