Car Crashes Into Liquor Store, Injures 2

At least two people were sent to the hospital after a red car slammed into a two-story La Jolla building Monday.

At about 2:20 p.m., the older model Mercedes Benz hit Dick's Liquor Store at Pearl and Eads street, knocking over racks of wine inside. San Diego police said the 86-year-old driver somehow lost control of her car as she pulled out of a gas station across the street.

"From what I understand, she was getting gas. I'm just guessing that her foot slipped onto the gas. This is the result of it," said the driver's son-in-law Mark Vondoren.

As the car struck the wall and a stone trash can, rock debris flew across the area, hitting a man on the street, according to San Diego police.

The driver and the pedestrian were taken to Scripps La Jolla Hospital for minor injuries. Vondoren said she suffered a broken ankle and severe cut to her leg in the crash.

"She's 86 years old. She's got the mind of a 40-year-old. She's a very strong lady," said Vondoren. "That's what I say. This is very unusual. She's pretty clear-minded."

A city building engineer was called out to assess the integrity of the structure before the car was towed away.

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the woman to drive into the building.

The liquor store owner said the crash caused at least $3,000 in damage to the wine alone, as well as undetermined damage to the building and Mercedes.

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