Car Crashes into Bird Rock Home

The six people inside a car that crashed into a home in the Bird Rock area of La Jolla had been drinking Halloween night, according to San Diego police.

A Nissan Pathfinder crashed into the home at 5412 Linda Rosa around 2 a.m. Monday injuring two of the six people inside the car. The couple living in the home were sleeping in another part of the home with their 2-week old baby. No one was injured inside the home.

According to police, the driver of the vehicle fled the scene. Officers said the passengers were coming from a party.  The driver
was headed north on La Jolla Mesa, tried to make a left turn on Linda Rosa, lost control and crashed into the home -- smashing down trees and a fence in the process.

Officers say they found cans of beer in the vehicle but did not say if any of the cans were found open. The people in the Pathfinder ranged in ages from 16 to 22 years old, police said.

Police say initially, three people fled the scene, including the driver. One person later returned.

Homeowner Charles Dinerman said he was asleep inside but his wife was up feeding their infant when the SUV slammed into
the home.

"It was just a big thud....and she was up already, she came running in saying the house got hit and I threw some clothes on and came out I saw.  It was just a really loud bang," Dinnerman said.

Dinnerman has been on paternity leave and was supposed to return to work Monday.

Two women were taken to the hospital -- they are expected to be okay.

Residents say the corner has been a problem in the past. A year ago an out-of-control driver hit a neighbor's parked car
when trying to make the turn onto Linda Rosa, according to neighbors.

Police are still looking for the driver they believe he's the registered owner of the vehicle. He's facing felony hit and run charges.

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