Camp Pendleton Marine Returns to Base After Missing Person Report Filed

A Camp Pendleton Marine, reported missing before he was scheduled to report for duty, has been found.

A Camp Pendleton-based U.S. Marine who was reported missing by family members has returned to base and never intended to miss deployment, NBC 7 has learned.

Lance Corporal John Hair was the subject of a missing person investigation in San Diego County. Hair was last seen at the Oceanside Transit Station on Oct. 7 after returning from a two-week leave to visit his mother in Fresno, California.

His family contacted the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and local television stations because they were concerned for his welfare. Deputies said they were actively investigating Hair's disappearance.

On Monday, October 17, a family member confirmed to NBC 7 that Hair had returned to the military base. She said he was experiencing a difficult time in his life and thought nobody would understand him.

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