Caltrans to Investigate Coronado Bridge Crash That Killed 4

Caltrans officials will investigate the crash involving a motorist suspected of driving drunk and flying off the Coronado Bridge, killing four people at Chicano Park.

Caltrans officials issued a statement on Monday afternoon, saying the bridge was inspected prior to reopening late Saturday evening and deemed structurally sound.

Still, the incident will be further investigated by the California Highway Patrol’s multidisciplinary accident investigation team. Caltrans promises further action if any safety issues on the bridge are found.

Hours after the Saturday afternoon crash, California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez tweeted a call for “full investigation by Caltrans and any measures to prevent in future.”

Several local residents also told NBC 7 that they wished there was more of a barrier between the bridge and the park in Barrio Logan below.

“Up there now there is no protection. It’s a 34 inch cement barrier designed to make cars hit it with their wheel and come back into the lane but obviously it doesn’t always work,” said Wayne Strickland Coronado resident, retired firefighter and president of Coronado Bridge Collaborative for Suicide Prevention.

Strickland said there's a stronger barrier that could be implemented that could prevent trucks from flying over in addition to serving as a barrier against people who would jump from the bridge.

Another Barrio Logan resident agrees. “Yeah, we need that fence,” said Art Flores. “It wouldn’t cost that much money and if it’s a toll for another year they can make the money like that. One year of toll they can build these fences and everybody would be a lot safer.”

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