Caltrans Aims to End Wrong-Way Crashes in San Diego

After a concerning number of wrong-way crashes in San Diego County, Caltrans is launching a pilot program to curb the devastating wrecks.

This past Saturday, a woman was killed and two others were seriously hurt when an SUV traveling the wrong way plowed into the center divide on State Route 52 in Kearny Mesa overnight.

The wreck is among an alarming number linked to wrong-way crashes. Starting in two weeks, San Diego and Sacramento counties have been chosen for the pilot program to alert drivers when they’re heading the wrong way.

In San Diego, it will entail installing flashing lights and sensors on 60 off-ramps along Interstate 15 between State Route 78 and Interstate 8.

“If you’re going the wrong direction, (there will be) a lot of red in front of you,” said Edward Cartagena, spokesman for Caltrans. “Red for most folks is there’s something wrong, so it gives you an opportunity to turn around.”

Following the pilot program, Caltrans will implement larger flashing wrong-way signs on nine of the 60 off-ramps that already have flashing lights installed.

Last December, there were three wrong-way crashes in San Diego County; there have been three already this year.

California Highway Patrol officers said they don't yet know if alcohol was involved in Saturday's wreck.

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