Caltrans Activates ‘Save Water' Signs Amid Calif. Drought

The electronic highway signs read: "Serious Drought. Help Save Water"

In an effort to conserve water amid the statewide drought in California, Caltrans has activated signs along the state’s highways – including San Diego County – urging residents to watch their water use.

Plain and simple, the highway signs read: “SERIOUS DROUGHT. HELP SAVE WATER.”

Beginning Tuesday, Caltrans activated the message on more than 700 electronic freeway signs in California in hopes of getting the word out about water conservation to California’s 24 million drivers and raising awareness of the severe drought declared by Governor Jerry Brown.

Caltrans says the signs will be activated whenever there are no critical emergency traffic safety messages or Amber Alerts to display.

In addition to the signs, Caltrans has also cut down its statewide irrigation activities by 50 percent, delayed new landscaping projects in areas severely impacted by the drought and has postponed all non-essential highway planting in their ongoing efforts to preserve water. Caltrans says it is also using recycled water for irrigation and other activities whenever possible.

Meanwhile, Gov. Brown continues to urge water conservation, and suggests Californians reduce their water usage by 20 percent.

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