California's New Smoking Law Sets Off Flurry of Debate

California's new smoking law elicited a tizzy of desperation, skepticism and some opposing praise on Thursday as it took effect.

On Thursday, California became the second in the nation behind Hawaii to raise its smoking age to 21, unless you are a military service member.

Gov. Jerry Brown last month signed the series of tobacco-related legislation that also regulates electronic cigarettes and restricts tobacco use in other ways.

The new law elicited hundreds of comments on NBC 7's Facebook page and on Twitter.

Conversation centered on the plight of young people, accustomed to an e-cigarette habit, to now have to seek out tobacco illegally. Others challenged other age restrictions in our state as a comparison, calling the new law absurd.

Several others lauded the new measure for helping curb a habit at a young age.

Here's a sampling of what people had to say on social media:

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