California True-Blue for Obama

A broad cross-section of Californians came together to deliver Barack Obama an easy victory in the state with the nation's most electoral votes.

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In San Diego County, with 27 percent of the votes calculated, 50 percent of the vote went to Obama and 48 percent to McCain.

Across the state, Blacks and Latinos overwhelmingly voted for the Illinois Democrat, while whites backed him by a slimmer margin, according to preliminary results from exit polls for The Associated Press.

Obama's support generally showed similar levels across gender, income level and educational background.  Young voters were among Obama's strongest supporters. He also led strongly among other age groups except 65 and over, where the vote was split.

Californians were not nearly as united on a ballot measure that would ban gay marriage in the state. Voters under 30 heavily opposed Proposition 8, while voters 65 and over supported the initiative.  Age groups in between were split.

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