Parents Protest Prop. 8 Donations

California Teachers Association says schools, teachers hurt by protest

Tensions have been running high lately over one proposition in particular --Proposition 8 -- which would amend the state constitution and ban gay marriage.

On Monday, upset parents in Carlsbad took a stand by keeping their kids home from school in opposition to the $1.25 million donation given by the California Teachers Association to the "No on Prop. 8" campaign.  The parents are upset because they say the union should be fighting for legislation that will actually affect schools -- legislation like the budget and class size -- not gay marriage.

Anita Kelley's family is one of many who received e-mails about the protest and said she believes the teachers union has no business supporting a social issue that doesn't affect schools.

"It's nothing that will benefit students or teachers.  It was just wasteful spending," said Kelley. "I think the money could be better used and spent in areas that would have benefited more kids."

One member of the CTA board of directors, Jim Goth, says for years the union has supported legislation's fighting rights and civil rights including, for example, rights for pregnant teachers in the classroom.  He says the students and teachers are the ones hurt by the protest.

"If parents are keeping their students away they're missing education and they'll also be hurting school districts because financially, they would lose average daily attendance," said Goth.

The "Yes on Prop. 8" discouraged the protest  and some parents who were going to keep their children home said they changed their minds.  As for Kelley, she said she hopes her one-day protest made the point and brought awareness to the CTA's donation.

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