San Diego

California Voters to Decide on Veteran Housing Through Proposition 1

Proposition 1 would authorize $4 billion in general obligation bonds towards housing loans for veterans.

Ahead of the elections, a group rallied in San Diego Tuesday in favor of Proposition 1. 

Proposition 1 would authorize $4 billion in general obligation bonds for housing-related programs, loans, grants, and projects and housing loans for veterans. 

The measure would benefit programs like CalVet home loan and the Multifamily Housing Program.

The San Diego Housing Federation hosted the 'Vote Yes on Prop. 1' rally in North Park. 

"Because of the cost of living, they are not able to pay their rent or rent is very high," said Councilmember Georgette Gomez of District 9, who is in favor of it. "So they're spending more money on rent and they can't afford everything else they need to have a good quality of life. We need more money to be able to build more affordable housing."

The measure is being met with some criticism. According to the Republican Party of San Diego, they will be voting no on Prop. 1. 

Opponents of Prop. 1 suggest that this is not the way to address the housing problem and believe the issue lies with expensive construction costs. 

"This is another general obligation bond measure," wrote Gary Wesley as an official argument found in the state voter information guide. "It asks voters permission for the State of California to borrow more money by selling “bonds” that would need to be repaid with interest (potentially through higher property taxes) usually over many decades." 

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