Californians Are Biggest Braggers on Social Media: Survey

Meredith Gregory

You know those shameless Facebook posts boasting about meeting a celebrity, getting a job promotion or going on an overseas trip?

Turns out the most “braggadocious” social media posts come from California – more so than any other state. That’s according to HeyLets, a new mobile social app that surveyed 2,500 Americans, asking them how often they make self-promotional posts.

In a way, it’s not surprising, given we live in the land of sand, sun and celebrities.

The largest percentage of braggarts among those surveyed live in the Golden state, 77 percent, followed by Washington state (76 percent) and then Nevada (72 percent).

The most humble states? Well that would be Utah (22 percent), Oregon (26 percent) and South Carolina (33 percent).

The most popular topics to brag about on Facebook and Instagram, according to HeyLets, is going on a special trip, followed by attending a memorable event, meeting a noteworthy person, your significant other doing something nice and, finally, work-related good news.

Well, what else is there to talk about on Facebook?

Similarly, a recent survey conducted by Ford found that a third of Americans have done things just to post about them on social media.

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