California DMV Releases New Digital Driver Handbook

The California DMV has released a digital version of the Driver Handbook which includes interactive learning experiences and rules for the road.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has announced the release of a digital version of the 2016 California Driver Handbook.

The free digital version is available for download in the Google Play Store for Android and through the iBooks Store for iOS phones which makes it easy for users wanting to study on the go.

According to the California DMV, the digital handbook will offer users a new learning experience with interactive material to prepare them for the driver license exam. This new material includes a summary of standard road signs, safe driving tips and a comprehensive overview of the rules of the road.

The DMV has added new sections to this handbook that will help drivers understand the California traffic laws. DMV Director Jean Shiomoto stated that these new sections in the digital handbook “include information on the use of new technologies while operating a motor vehicle, distracted driving, tire safety, driving with sun glare, and other dangers."

Specifically with Mac or iOS devices, users can view videos as well as take electronic notes and share them through social media. The handbook syncs across all devices which allows users to start the handbook on one device and continue reading on another.

Printed copies of the 2016 California Driver Handbook are still available at any DMV office statewide.

PDF versions of the California Driver Handbooks are also available on the DMV website in multiple languages, viewable on any desktop, smartphone or tablet.

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