California Considers Shorter School Year

School could end a month early for California students in order to save money.

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California's budget crisis has come to this:  kids may not be able to go to school for the full school year.

If no new taxes are passed to help fund education, Gov. Jerry Brown and school leaders say shutting down school a month early - or 20 instructional days - is a real possibility. 

That could happen as early as this fall, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Hawaii took similar drastic measures in the 2009-10 school year, slashing 17 days.

There are major obstacles the governor and school leaders would need to cross to impose a month long closure - particularly getting approval from teachers unions and lawmakers.

Over the past two years, many California school districts have sliced their school year to below the 180-day calendar that was the state standard and remains so nationwide.

For example, Elk Grove reduced their school year to 175 days - the state minimum.

There is no legislative proposal drawn up right now. So for now, districts plan on saving money next year by relying on larger class sizes and getting rid of bus transportation.

They say they may consider school-year reductions, depending on what the governor proposes.

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