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Cal Fire Warns Fire Weather Not Over, Exercise Caution

Cal Fire warns residents must stay vigilant and exercise caution as strong winds continue to blow

Even though temperatures dropped over the weekend, Cal Fire warns residents to stay vigilant and exercise caution as strong winds continue to blow.

"Please don't get too complacent," Cal Fire Captain and Public Information Officer Thomas Shoots told NBC 7. "The weather actually feels pretty nice out here right now, it's cool and that's almost a greater concern for us right now." 

Despite the gloomy fall weather, wildfires that sparked amid a Red Flag Warning on Friday were still smouldering in San Diego County; Firefighters had nearly contained the Miller Fire in Valley Center and the Sawday Fire in Ramona over the weekend.

Those fires were reminders that San Diego County is still in the midst of the most dangerous time of year for wildfires in California.  Seven of the state's 10-most destructive wildfires occurred in October -- many fueled by monster winds, including Santa Ana gusts.

"This isn't the time to let your guard down. Please be very diligent with everything you do. If you’re working outdoors, please do not do anything that might spark a fire," Shoots said.

Possible fire sparks can come from mowing your lawn, hitting a rock or cars driving over dry brush.

At Cal Fire San Diego, increases in staffing and equipment were still in effect from last week's Santa Ana winds and high fire danger.

"We know the weather’s going to continue to be a problem for us so we kept all that stuff staffed and not just for San Diego County but to help out our surrounding counties if they end up getting a fire as well," Shoots added.

Equipment was also spread out all over the county, especially out east in the rural areas.

"Everything’s spread evenly and we're going to keep everything in place until we know for sure the situation has stabilized fire-wise."

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