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Cajon Valley Union School District Announces Spring Return to 5-Day School Weeks

Households that are not yet comfortable sending their children back to school can continue with distance learning, the district said

Students sit at desks in a classroom
Joe Little, NBC 7

With coronavirus case rates in San Diego County showing optimistic trends and a shift to the less restrictive red tier, Cajon Valley Union School District (CVUSD) announced it will return to a five-day school week after spring break.

The East County school district made the announcement Friday in a video and sent a letter Wednesday with details on the planned reopening. The district said it will resume a “pre-pandemic scheduled of full-time school, five days a week.”

“As students return from Spring Break, all Cajon Valley students will have access to school as they had it before the pandemic began; five days a week, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, in-person with a teacher,” the district said in a statement.

It added that households that are not yet comfortable sending their children back to class will be able to continue learning from home.

Roughly a year ago, schools began distance learning due to the coronavirus pandemic. Over the last few months, some schools slowly began to reopen with hybrid models that included in-person instruction and remote learning, including CVUSD.

The school district said in September 2020, students were invited to return to in-person learning and four of the 27 schools in the district had students back for five days of the week. CVUSD stated it has had “one case of school COVID-19 transmission and zero cases of student-to-student transmission.”

In order to accommodate with reduced class sizes, health and safety guidelines and to provide additional care, more than 80 teachers and employees were hired since December.

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