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Cabrillo National Monument Reopens Following 35-Day Gov't Shutdown

The Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma resumed operations Sunday following a 35-day shutdown of the federal government.

The park is just one of the several dozens affected by the shutdown. The National Park Service said it was preparing to resume regular operations at all its parks.

The agency said some park operations may vary depending on staffing and other recreational needs.

"I love working for the National Park Service," Cabrillo National Monument chief interpreter Elizabeth Skinner said. "The park rangers really believe in the mission of the National Park Service which really is to protect and preserve these special places. Feels really good to be back at work doing that."

Tourists at the monument were also making the effort to help welcome the workers back.

"When we showed up and it was our turn to pay we said welcome home welcome back," Gerald Itkin said. "We did that to the fellow this morning who had a big grin his face who was quite pleased both personally and for that fact that he's there to serve the public."

This wasn't the first time a government shutdown put a damper on his vacation plans.

"One year ago we went to the big island of Hawaii and one of our main focuses to go to Volcanoes National Park," he said. "When we got there it was closed due to the shutdown a year ago. So two for two."

The Cabrillo Monument is the only National Park in San Diego County.

The NPS said other parks outside the area may not be reopening right away. The agency is encouraging visitors to check its website for the latest schedules.

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