Busy Beaches Means More Rescues


San Diego Lifeguards don't regularly jump from helicopters to conduct rescues and that is why they train for it every year.

Lifeguards along with personnel from the San Diego practiced jumping from the skids of helicopters in the ocean on Monday.

"It has to be trained yearly so that we are all on the same page as far as making sure we are safe, priority number one is safety, and that we can execute it safely," said Fire-Rescue pilot Chris Hartnell.

The lifeguards were taken up in the chopper and while the hovering about 10 feet over Mission Bay at about 10 knots, the lifeguards practiced jumping into the water.

Fire-rescue helicopters are staffed with lifeguard during busy summer holidays and during high surf conditions, officials said. The training helps the lifeguards become familiar with the inside and outside of a helicopter and jumping from the skids.

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