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Busted Pipes Damage Several Rancho Bernardo Homes

The damage to people's homes has been anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars

Several residents in the Westwood area of Rancho Bernardo are dealing with flooded homes and no water after their pipes burst last Friday, nearly all at the same time.  

"It was happening just bing, bing, bing--in different places," said Nana Hines.

Hines' home on Moon Song Court is one of more than a half dozen houses impacted.

Two doors away, the safety valve triggered on the water heater at the home of one of Hines' neighbors. The release kept it from becoming a projectile--instead, water streamed out.

Another neighbor on nearby Sun Maiden Court was also left without water.

"They had no water all weekend, that’s what she told me. They showered somewhere else," Hines told NBC 7.

The city of San Diego said they are investigating.

In a statement, the city said:

"The high pressure was caused due the failure of the pressure regulating station in the area. The call came in on Friday and was responded to by the emergency crews who turned it in to the hydraulics crews, the regulator was repaired Friday night."

But residents said a water department supervisor told them the high-pressure incident was caused by a burst pressure regulator.

Leo Zech, a plumber, and his crew have been busy repairing the pipes at three of the affected homes. His tests showed pressure in the area running high.

"Typically, city pressure is probably 110. Code wants it in the house below 80, so there's a regulator in the garage to further reduce it," Zech said. "That's why these are blowing out in the front yard."

The damage to people's homes has been anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Residents are hoping the city pays them after they file their claim online.

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