San Diego

Business Community Caught in Middle of Protests Against Trump's Executive Orders

When it comes to President Trump's actions over the last two weeks, people are not shy in sharing their opinions. Still, there is a group of people caught in the middle.

A lot of those voices are in the business community.

These are people who are empathetic to many of the marches and protests happening around the country. Many of the issues these demonstrations highlight directly impact their employees.

However, these businesses also say these demonstrations can get in the way of their ability to work.

“I was trying to get to San Diego from Portland, Oregon on Sunday and I was blocked access to the airport,” said Mike Cully. “Police had to actually escort us to the gate because of all the protest that were happening.”

Cully runs the San Diego North Economic Development Corporation.

“Of course we welcome and appreciate free speech, but when it prohibits and inhibits what you're trying to do, that's a problem,” he said.

Scotty Lombardi does Talent Acquisitions at Hunter Industries, the largest employer in San Marcos. The company is probably best known for sprinkler systems.

Lombardi said they are a global company and employees commute back and forth between here and their office in Tijuana--sometimes daily.

"The protest that are happening on the other side of the border, in Mexico certainly have an impact on our ability to travel logistically to and from Mexico," he said.

Although there a sizable number of people out there that wish these protests were not so disruptive, some protesters say that's exactly the point--to make these issues inescapable.

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