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Business Blossoms at the Carlsbad Flower Fields During First Week of Spring

Thousands of visitors filled the flower fields this weekend, enjoying the warmer temperatures and colorful views

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As San Diegans have been enjoying the warmer temperatures and first week of Spring, it’s been busy at the Carlsbad Flower Fields. 

“It’s nice...it’s a good break from the chaotic outside world,” said Joe Chen, a visitor enjoying the fields on Saturday. 

About 7,000 tickets were sold both Saturday and Sunday, according to a staff member that spoke with NBC 7. 

“I can boil it down to three words. Elevates your mood,” said Fred Clarke, the fields’ general manager. 

Clarke says it’s been refreshing to see the crowds return after losing business during the pandemic. 

“All the customers had canceled their orders. It was really hard on us,” he said. 

The iconic pink, yellow and orange rows of flowers were filled with visitors taking photos and walking with loved ones this weekend. 

“Seeing everyone relaxing and happy…it’s heaven. Heaven on earth,” said Hoda Emachkar.  

Many added it’s the perfect local activity to help decompress in the midst of everything happening worldwide. 

“There’s so much going on it can tear you down. And you want to care and you do care. But taking a moment to disconnect can really balance it out,” said Genevieve Cruz. 

The flower fields will remain open to the public seven days a week through Mother’s Day. You can get your tickets online.

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