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Burglary Series Around UCSD Rattles Residents

Dozens of burglaries in the University City area near UC San Diego have residents and students on edge. A recent community alert bulletin is reminding residents to lock up before leaving the house.

UC San Diego Police Department said it has seen an uptick in on-campus break-ins in recent days. Most of the on-campus burglaries involved homes or cars left unlocked, the department said.

San Diego Police Department (SDPD) said it is investigating approximately 30 reported burglaries in the apartment complexes surrounding the campus. The department has not released any details about those burglaries.

"Just seems somewhat alarming there's people going around and stealing other people's stuff,” Will Schreiner said. ”It just seems like there's a lot in a short period of time — that was pretty shocking"

Schreiner is a student at UCSD. He and other students received the alert Wednesday warning them to keep their eyes open and doors locked.

Kevin Goenadibrapa was shocked to learn his apartment complex, La Jolla Del Sol, was one of the locations involved.

“My roommate kept on calling me and saying, ‘Can you lock the door?’” Goenadibrapa said. “’Cause he's worried.”

Residents around the area not affiliated with the university are just finding out about the burglary series Thursday. They call it an eye opener in a neighborhood where parking tickets make up most of the police activity.

“A little shocked that I haven't noticed anything,” Debbie Hedley said. “It's always been a great kind of quiet neighborhood.”

Hedley lives in a gated community, which she says gives her a little comfort.

So far police say it's unclear whether the on-campus and off-campus crimes are connected.

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