Construction Worker Walks in on Armed Burglar in Escondido Home

Police say the man who rang the doorbell of a home across the street appears to match the suspect description.

Police are asking for your help to find a man they say is a person of interest in an armed burglary that was interrupted by a construction worker at an Escondido home on Monday.

Escondido police say the suspect broke into the home on Mockingbird Circle—a neighborhood near Safari Park. Just 35 minutes before the burglary, a man matching the suspect's description was recorded through a doorbell camera at Amy Taylor's house across the street around 11 a.m. The signal was transmitted to her husband's smartphone.

In the video, Taylor's husband speaks to the man who asks "Is this the Robinson's residence at 712?"

When Taylor's husband tells the man that he is at the wrong address, the man apologizes and leaves.

More than half an hour later, a suspect with a bandana over his face, wearing dark pants, a blue shirt and tie broke into the house across the street.

Police say the man who rang Taylor's doorbell appears to match the suspect description. Homeowners told NBC 7 the suspect broke a window on the side of the house to get inside.

A construction worker who was remodeling the home encountered the suspect in a hallway. The burglar pulled a gun and then left the house, escaping in a silver Ford Explorer.

The construction worker was not injured.

“It's a nicer neighborhood and it's quiet," Taylor said. "So I think that might bring more people here looking. They see nicer houses and they think they might get some good stuff."

The suspect got away with an old watch, which has little value, police said.

“That's why we have a 180 pound dog and we have a video door bell. That's all we can do,” Taylor said.

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