Burglaries on the Rise

South of Interstate 8, police are warning residents to take caution

There's been a recent increase in residential burglaries, especially in areas south of Interstate 8.

Police say 75 percent of these home burglaries are happening south of I-8 in places like Stanford Ave., Normandie Pl., Harbinson Ave., Eastridge Dr., Valley View Cir., Black Mountain Rd., Rockledge Rd., Shirlene Pl., Spring St., 4th St., Palm Ave. and Chevy Chase Dr.

Common stolen items include televisions, computers, jewelry and cash.

Police say various tools are being used to break open doors or windows.

In a recent string of burglaries in the 70th street area, police believe the suspects were two males in their 30s. One case is associated with a white truck, and another is a maroon, 90s-era Volvo sedan.

La Mesa Police advise residents to take caution by getting to know their neighbors, making sure all locks are in working order, closing and lock all windows and setting their alarms when they are away from home.

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