Burglar Strikes Only When People Are Home

How scary is this: You wake up to find out somebody has been in your house while you slept -- and you're the 21st victim in your small community.

A neighborhood watch meeting is scheduled for Thursday night inform the residents of Granite Hills in El Cajon about the crime wave and how they can protect themselves from the crook.

Investigators believe the same person may be responsible for all the hot prowls. Police say the thief or thieves pick their targets and then enter the homes' unlocked doors and windows, taking items in plain sight, such as wallets and purses. Although several credit cards have been stolen, they haven't been used.

The series of burglaries dates back to October 2008, with the latest on March 2. Lt. Steve Shakowski of the El Cajon Police Department said there was a burglary since then, but investigators aren't sure it's related because it occurred at an apartment complex, unlike the others.

Thursday night's meeting is scheduled for 6:30 at Meridian Elementary School at 651 Third Ave. in El Cajon.


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