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Buona Forchetta Family to Open Nonprofit Restaurant in South Park

Matteo will open March 7 in South Park and all profits, after operating costs, will be donated to local organizations focused on education

Buona Forchetta

Buona Forchetta Family, owned by Matteo Cattaneo and already the owner of three Buona Forchetta restaurants in San Diego County, will open a namesake nonprofit restaurant.

Located in South Park, the breakfast and lunch eatery, called Matteo, will open on March 7 and all profits, after operating costs, will be donated to rotating quarterly causes with a focus on education and early childhood development, according to a press release.

“San Diego is my home now,” said Cattaneo. “My children go to school here and my restaurants are neighborhood gathering places. It’s important to me to share my success with my community and Matteo will allow my restaurant group to give back as well as be a key player in the nonprofit restaurant space.”

The 2,800 square foot food place will be led by head baker and general manager Joanne Sherif and will offer fast casual, counter service of menu items like benedicts, toasts, griddlecake, frittatas, croissant sandwiches, bowls and breakfast pizza alongside signature pastries.

Starting in March, Matteo will also offer children’s take-away school lunches for parents to pick up daily, as per the release. Additionally, the restaurant will include a market that will sell imported Italian staples and Buona Forchetta’s pastas and sauces.

In addition to opening Matteo, Buona Forchetta Family is slated to launch three additional eateries in 2020, states the release.

This includes a fourth Buona Forchetta location dubbed Garage Buona Forchetta, which is scheduled to open in Coronado in the next few months; Gelati & Peccati, a small pizza stand in North Park; and Carbon, a BBQ joint that will be housed in South Park.

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