Bullying of Muslim Students Goes Unreported: Report

One in five students surveyed was unsure whether his/her teachers respect Islam

An Islamic group with a chapter in San Diego is taking steps to reduce the bullying of Muslim students in California.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) released a report on bullying Thursday in which half of all Muslim students claim they've been bullied at least once.

One in five students was unsure of taking part in classroom discussions about his/her religion.

And one in five was unsure whether their teachers respect Islam.

La Jolla High School student Salma Hassane said many students don’t report bullying because they’re afraid it will create a larger problem.

"I as well as almost every Muslim girl here in San Diego and elsewhere across the country have experienced one form of bullying or another, not only from students but from teachers as well, which is worse,” said Hassane.

CAIR hopes studies like the one released Thursday will lead to more tolerance and reduce bullying and help make school, and the community in general safer.

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