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‘Bronx Boy' Ace Frehley Releases New Single

The local ex-Kiss guitarist is kicking off the release of his new album with the single "Bronx Boy"

From New York City to San Diego County, ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley has charted a solo course to paradise since his final departure from the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers in 2002. 

After getting into some financial troubles in his home state, Frehley relocated to San Diego some seven years ago now -- first, in a condo overlooking Balboa Park and, most recently, to an acre of property in Rancho Santa Fe.

Since embarking on his solo career, the pioneering hard rock guitarist has released seven studio albums, and now his eighth is slated for a summer drop. 

The "spaceman" is kicking off the release of his new, untitled album with the single "Bronx Boy," which you can listen to below.

The single, which came out on Frehley's birthday, Friday, April 27, doesn't depart much from his signature sound -- anthemic party rock with little pretention and a whole lotta fun -- so you can be sure to expect more of the classic Frehley sound once the whole album drops. 

It's unclear whether he'll accompany the new music with a tour, but it has been over a year since he's played in his new hometown, so I think we're due for a reprise. 

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