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Bat Hits 2 Fans, One in the Head at Padres Game

During the ninth inning, Padres player Hector Sanchez swung and missed at a pitch, and his bat went flying.

A bat flew from the field at Petco Park and over the netting near home plate, striking two fans, one in the head, at Thursday's game, officials said. 

The fans were sitting above the third base dugout, watching the Padres' game against the Colorado Rockies, when the bat flew their way. 

During the ninth inning, Padres player Hector Sanchez swung and missed at a pitch. As a result, his bat flew up and over the netting. Netting around home plate extends 70 feet in each direction and ends in the dugout.

Initial reports stated that only one fan had been struck by the bat. The Padres issued a statement about the incident shortly after the game ended saying there were two fans injured.

“We never want to see anybody injured while enjoying a game at Petco Park. The guests who were struck by Hector Sanchez’s bat in the 9th inning have received medical attention and been transported to a local hospital."

The stadium went silent as they watched the response to the incident. The game was paused as medics tended to the fan hit in the head. 

The fan walked out with medical staff 15 minutes later to a nearby wheelchair, where she was wheeled out, the Padres said. An NBC 7 reporter on scene said she appeared to be alert.

"Both were in good spirits and their injuries do not appear to be serious," the Padres said. "For the privacy of the guests, we cannot offer any further information.

Padres owner Ron Fowler told NBC 7 that all fan surveys and research the organization does shows that fans do not want to extend the netting, because it impacts their view. 

However, Fowler added, incidents like this one may make them reconsider that. 

Over 1,700 fans have been injured while sitting in the stands during baseball games. 

No further information was available. 

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