Briggs Not Backing Off Convention Center Plan

Attorney says he will submit his initiative by the end of April regardless of Chargers plans

The Chargers and attorney Cory Briggs will be meeting on Monday. The purpose of that meeting is to get everyone involved in citizens’ initiatives on the same page moving forward.

“The Chargers, JMI (Realty) and the (Citizen's Plan) Coalition have had a good working relationship throughout,” said Briggs. “Today we’re talking about what we have in common and that’s the future of Mission Valley.”

Those three entities have been working towards the same goal for some time now, planning giant projects in both Downtown San Diego and Mission Valley. John Moores and JMI have a plan together to build a “boutique” stadium as part of a San Diego State West Campus expansion while Briggs wants a convention center expansion and the Chargers want a new stadium by the water.

“The Chargers have indicated they’re leaving Mission Valley,” said Briggs. “We don’t think the NFL has any intentions of putting another team in Mission Valley so we want to talk about what happens there. What we don’t want to happen is for developers get a-hold of it and build a bunch of high-rise condos and office buildings. That’s good for some private developers and some politicians who get money from those developers but we’re talking about the future of the city, what’s best for our kids.”

Briggs believes park space and an educational expansion are the best way to go. Many believe there will be another issue on the docket during Monday’s meeting.

The Chargers and Briggs should ultimately be discussing their competing Downtown citizens’ initiatives. Briggs has already authored one based on a convention center expansion. The Chargers have also authored one that overlaps the convention center idea and adds a new football stadium. Both would ask for a tax increase on hotel rooms. It’s likely one or the other. Now we have to wait and see which side blinks.

According to Briggs, who is further along in the process, it will not be him.

“The Chargers want to go Downtown and they’re going to continue with their initiative as we understand it,” said Briggs. “Our initiative will get turned in in a couple of weeks, it’s not changing.”

Briggs is confident he has been able to secure enough signatures to continue the process of placing his citizens’ initiative on the November ballot.

“I don’t know the exact number. We’re over the number we need. We’re working on the margin of error right now. We want to wrap this up with a bang, have a good push, and get a lot of people excited for the turn-in on April 27.”

If he does, the Bolts will have some big, tough decisions to make.

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