Brian Bilbray Concedes in 52nd District Race


Republican Brian Bilbray officially conceded Friday in his race for the 52nd District Congressional seat.

Bilbray sent out a statement acknowledging that his opponent, San Diego Port Commissioner Scott Peters, won the campaign which garnered national interest. 

While ballots were still being counted in San Diego, Peters traveled to Washington D.C. -- where San Diego County's current delegation on Capitol Hill also has gathered, to resume the work of the House of Representatives.

"[Bilbray] wished me luck and offered his support," Peters said in a statement from Washington D.C. "We agreed that while it was a tough, hard-fought campaign, now is the time to put it behind us. I thanked him for his service and look forward to his support as I transition into office."

Bilbray, who served three terms as the 50th District Representative, has served seven terms in Congress overall. 

"I will continue fighting for the issues I believe in and that benefit San Diego, only in a different capacity," Bilbray vowed.

Peters is the first Democrat to represent North County constituents in Congress since 1952.

“There’s much to do," Peters wrote. "I’m encouraged by the tremendous group of colleagues I’ve met here so far: freshman members of Congress, because like me, they all heard loud and clear during their campaigns that voters are tired of the partisanship, tired of politicians who put party over people."

Peters' win gives Democrats their first-ever majority on the county's Congressional delegation, by a 3-2 margin.

In his statement he said he was "grateful to the hundreds of people who walked, called, contributed and gave me their support; it was their energy and enthusiasm that put us over the top in this close race."

He'll be sworn in Jan. 3, 2013. 

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