Fire Dispatcher's Lip Syncing Road Trip Video Goes Viral

San Diego resident Brian Anderson subjected his sister, Ashley, to a very lively lip syncing session during a long road trip in a video gone viral

Siblings are bound  to annoy one another, but one San Diego man took his brotherly duties up a notch when he decided to lip sync for hours during a road trip with his sister in a video that’s gone viral.

As of Monday morning, Brian Anderson, 29, had more than 2.5 million views on a YouTube video he made of their journey, "Annoying 7 Hour Road Trip."

In the time lapse video, Brian can be seen lip syncing to a variety of songs – from The Backstreet Boys and Mariah Carey to Taylor Swift and Blink 182 – during a 7-hour road trip as his sister sits unimpressed in the passenger’s seat.

Brian’s sister, Ashley Anderson, looks out the window, eats some snacks and, at times, stares at her brother as he goes for the high notes.

Brian, a La Mesa resident who works as a 911 emergency dispatcher for the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, told NBC San Diego the video was shot on Aug. 2 as he and his sister headed to San Jose, California, to visit family.

Ashley knew Brian wanted to make a road trip video that day, but he said she had no idea that a massive lip syncing session was looming.

Brian said they were a few hours into the road trip and had just switched driving duties after making a pit stop at a gas station. He had downed a Red Bull energy drink and was hyped.

"I was really into it," Brian said with a laugh. "I was on a good one."

What happened next was more than two hours of non-stop lip syncing and dancing in the car. The
YouTube clip captured almost three time-lapsed minutes of the madness.

Toward the end of the clip, as Brian mouths the words to the theme song from "Friends," Ashley cracks a smile and claps along to the song. Brian said his sister did give in to the silliness at other points during the road trip, though she preferred to do so while the camera wasn’t on.

"She doesn’t like attention that much," he said, adding that he’s the extrovert of the pair, while Ashley is a bit more reserved.

Still, he said he and his sister – who is two years younger – are very close and have a lot of fun together despite having opposite personalities.

"We’re extremely close. I'd do anything for that girl," he added.

Brian said this is the first video he's made that has gone viral. It's been covered by The Huffington Post and MTV, among other big media outlets.

He said both he and Ashley are blown away by the attention their video is getting, and like a true performer, Brian is thinking there may have to be an encore.

"I told Ashley we may have to do a round two video, but she's like, ‘I don’t know about that!'” he laughed.

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