Suspension Lifted for Boxer Who Kissed Reporter After Fight

The Bulgarian boxer who kissed a reporter without her consent after winning a fight is able to box again in the U.S. now that his suspension has been lifted.

The California Athletic Commission reinstated Kubrat Pulev after he completed the conditions of his suspension for forcing a kiss on a television reporter.

"I learned I should have more respect for woman," Pulev said. "Not only me but all people should know this." 

He also told the commission that he met with a professor who educated him about how what he did was a mistake. 

Pulev was suspended in March after he grabbed reporter Jenny Ravalo's head in his hands and planted a kiss on her lips following his seventh-round knockout of Bogdan Dinu.

"I hate the opinion that just because Pulev was so excited after his win warrants him to harass me in any form," Ravalo said at the comisssion's hearing in San Diego. "I should be allowed to choose who can kiss me." 

"This behavior has been happening for decades and there are people who are getting away with this because women think they don't have a voice," she said. 

She called the suspension the "change we need to see." 

The Bulgarian heavyweight apologized to Ravalo again during the commission hearing calling what he did a mistake. 

Ravalo was represented by attorney Gloria Allred. 

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