San Diego

Bouncer at Downtown Nightclub Helps Rescue 3 Trapped in Overturned Minivan

A San Diego bouncer working at a Downtown nightclub helped rescue three people trapped inside an overturned minivan early Friday morning. 

The crash happened at 5th and Broadway around 1 a.m. Friday when a car ran a red light. Two cars initially crashed into each other at the intersection, San Diego Police (SDPD) said, then a third car got involved. 

It is unclear which can ran the red light, police say, though the investigation is ongoing. 

The minivan landed on its side, trapping three people inside. 

A bouncer rushed to the rescue, helping pull the people out. 

The people were transported with minor to moderate injuries, police said. 

Police are investigating whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. 

No other information was immediately available.

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