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Border Patrol Agents Seize Ultralight Aircraft Seen Flying Over International Border

The aircraft was seen flying over the U.S.-Mexico border, coming from Mexico to the U.S.

Border Patrol agents have tracked and seized an ultralight aircraft seen flying into the U.S. over the international border Monday night. 

Agents from the El Centro Sector first saw the object fly over the border from Mexico into U.S. airspace at approximately 10:45 p.m. 

Authorities tracked the aircraft, flying without lights at the time, to its landing spot: an agricultural field road near Holtville, California. 

When agents arrived, they could not find the pilot, who abandoned the aircraft. 

No drugs or other contraband were found. 

“The ultralight aircraft was not outfitted to transport narcotics,” said Assistant Chief Patrol Agent, David S. Kim, in a statement. “Our agents were able to detect, track, and ultimately seize this ultralight by being vigilant in their duty to keep the people of this country safe.”

In the past, similar aircrafts have been used to smuggle narcotics across the border. However, the aircrafts pose a "grave danger" to legitimate aircraft flying in the area. Kim said. 

The incident is under investigation. 

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