Border Angels Head to Tijuana for “All Lives Matter”


Volunteers from San Diego and Mexico will kick off a week of volunteering in Tijuana as a part of their historic Marcha Migrante.

Marcha Migrante X “All Lives Matter” will span the length of the week as volunteers will help in the community and raise awareness for those that passed away searching for a better life.

The march will go from Friendship Park in Tijuana to Holtville in California.

During their time in Tijuana, the volunteers will volunteer at a Tijuana orphanage, help serve breakfast to migrants, and attend a funeral Mass for unidentified migrants. A full list of their activities can be found on their Facebook page.

Border Angles is a non-profit organization based in San Diego that fights unnecessary deaths in the Imperial Valley desert areas and mountain areas surrounding San Diego County in addition to the areas about the U.S.-Mexican border. The highest percentage of those deaths have resulted from weather conditions such as extreme heat and cold weather.

Marcha Migrante will go from Monday to Friday.

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