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Bonsall High School Student Arrested for Threatening Shooting: SDSO

A North County high school student was taken into custody this week for allegedly threatening to commit a shooting, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said. 

The Bonsall High School student made what was determined to be a credible shooting threat against the school, the SDSO said. Two handguns were found in the 15-year-old student's home and were seized by law enforcement, SDSO said. 

The two-day investigation started when Bonsall High School officials alerted the SDSO on Wednesday to a "specific threat" to commit a shooting during the Bonsall Winter Dance in December. 

Deputies responded to the campus on 7350 West Lilac Road and interviewed the suspect. The school was not placed on lockdown because the sheriff's department concluded there was no immediate threat to the campus, Bonsall Unified School District Superintendent David Jones said. 

Through the investigation, SDSO deemed the threat credible and a search was launched of the student's residence and the school for any weapons, the sheriff's department said.

He was taken into SDSO custody. It is unclear if he faces any charges. 

No weapons were found on campus, SDSO said. 

Oli Lewis a student at Bonsall High School said active shooter drills have been part of her school curriculum since elementary school. 

"People's lives are in danger because of this. It just pisses me off, I'm expecting it at this point," said Lewis. 

Lewis says she was worried about the threat because she claims the area where the dance is taking place is not an area one can easily flee.

"It does make me uneasy because most of our dances are in the bottom building and we don't have a lot of exits. If someone were to get in there with a weapon it's hard to get out," explained Lewis.

SDSO also investigated reports that another student may have been involved in the threat, but deputies determined the report unfounded. 

The Bonsall Winter Dance will not be cancelled since the threat has been handled, Jones said. 

"Parents should talk to their students about what's going on. They should be in communication with them about what they hear, and what they see. Anything should be reported that they believe is a danger or some sort of criminal activity either to school staff or law enforcement," said SDSO LT. Ricardo Lopez.

Bonsall High School is part of the Bonsall Unified School District, which serves about 2,500 students across five schools. 

Anyone with information on the case was asked to call Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

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