Chula Vista High School Needs Help After Theater Floods, Damages Costumes

Recent thunderstorms drenched the county, flooding some buildings

A Chula Vista high school is trying to raise money after last week’s heavy rain flooded its theater, damaging much of the department’s costumes.

Students and parents found Bonita Vista High School’s Bolles Theater covered in water Friday morning.

Dozens of costumes were soaked and boxes full of supplies were drenched through. The dry cleaning bill for the school’s outfits was $600 alone, according to its Facebook page.

Other accessories, like some hats, couldn’t be saved and the department will have to buy new ones.

Residents say the city failed to maintain the storm channel, which caused the rain flow to flood their homes. NBC 7's Artie Ojeda has more.

Although the damages are unusual, this isn't the first time something like has happened, said Amy Mudd, a booster and parent of a student in the school's vocal music department.

The roof over the stage tends to leak after it rains, Mudd told NBC 7. And then there is a "water intrusion problem" whenever it "rains hard," possibly with a rooftop water drain, she said.

“The amount of water in the building was substantially more than any other time,” said Mudd. “It’s like a bomb went off, everything had to be removed from the closet.”

This is the third or fourth time a leak has resulted in a major clean up since Mudd's kids have gone to the Chula Vista school.

“The students sweep up the water, get it out the door, mop up with towels,” Mudd said. The group worked with the custodial staff.

Dehumidifiers and fans scattered the area to dry everything.

The department’s boosters will purchase waterproof bins, racks, and other storage items to better keep their costumes safe in the future.

"The work orders have been filed, and we just haven't seen follow-through to make repairs in the past [by the district]," Mudd said, though she noted the district has started to help in this particular case.

The vocal music department is made up of The Music Machine, Sound Unlimited, Lady Tones, and Baron Concert Choir. Its director is Gail Kennedy.

“Our biggest concern is being displaced,” Mudd said.

The competition season gets started in February, but the students have already begun learning choreography and more.

While the students always perform off-campus, at other schools like Lincoln High School or East Lake High School, they still need the room to practice.

“Bonita Vista is an older school, they just don’t have access to a room large enough to hold them,” Mudd said.

While the flooding can be frustrating, Mudd said the Bonita Vista High School has been more than helpful throughout the process.

“Our school administration has been super supportive and has done everything to help us in the moment,” said Mudd.

An insurance representative for the city is set to tour the school Tuesday to assess the damages, Mudd told NBC 7.

Donations can be made on the department’s website or checks can be mailed to BV VMD Boosters, P.O. Box 212366, Chula Vista, CA, 91921.

BVHS said any additional funds raised will be used to “offset costs for wardrobe, storage, or festival needs.”

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