Razor Blades Found Near Playground, Again

This is second time in less than one month that razor blades were found at Bonita Cove Park near Mission Bay

At least 20 razor blades were found on the grass near a local playground Thursday evening, and officials suspect they were placed there intentionally.

According to police, the razor blades were discovered by an individual at around 6:20 p.m. in some grass across the street from Bonita Cove Park near West Mission Bay Drive and Mission Boulevard.

The person reported the incident to San Diego Lifeguards and police, who then investigated the playground using metal detectors.

No one was injured, but police suspect the razor blades were strategically planted in the grass on purpose.

“The razor portion of the blade was sticking up in the grass,” SDPD Officer James Johnson told NBC 7. “They were intentionally put there and it looks like they were intentionally put there to do harm.”

This is the second time in less than one month that razor blades have been found at Bonita Cove Park.

On Aug. 10, investigators discovered at least 10 razor blades in the sand and grass at the playground. In that incident, a mother came into contact with a razor blade that was sticking straight up and sustained an injury to her foot.

Police suspected that the razor blades scattered around the park on Aug. 10 were also intentionally planted in the area.

"They were placed with the sharp edge up, as if to injure somebody here in the park," SDPD Sgt. Bowman told NBC 7 on Aug. 10.

Last month investigators told NBC 7 that this same type of incident involving razor blades had previously happened at Bonita Cove Park at least four times, including once this past February.

Now, detectives are ramping up their investigation, looking for the suspect or suspects responsible for placing the razor blades near children’s play areas.

In the meantime, police are telling parents to be on the lookout and double check grass, park and playground areas before letting their little ones play.

This case has left many San Diego parents baffled and upset, including mother Lauren Dwyer.

“I’ve never heard of anybody doing something like that,” Dwyer told NBC 7. “This is where we’re supposed feel safe and have fun, and live the San Diego life.”

The Bonita Cove Park area is almost sacred ground for families – a place where parents can typically just sit back and relax while their kids enjoy playing outdoors.

But now, that safety has been compromised.

“It makes me wary, like I should be looking around the surroundings. It’s just weird,” said local father Jonathan Thomas.

“I don’t feel safe anymore,” added San Diego parent Blanca Vazquez. “Who knows what those razor blades have – they could be infected. I bring my kids to have fun and I have to be careful. I have to worry about where they sit, where they walk.”

And, while police work to find those responsible, parents say they don’t want to take any chances.

“[I plan] to be more cautious. It makes me think twice about coming here. Maybe we’ll go somewhere else,” added Vazquez.

“Maybe I’ll definitely require [that my kids wear] shoes, because I don’t want to take a chance like that,” said Dwyer.

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