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Boltman Demands City of San Diego Sue Chargers

It appears the unofficial mascot of the Chargers is not very happy with the team's decision to move to Los Angeles.

Dan Jauregui, also know as Boltman, has sent a letter to the City of San Diego, demanding an anti-trust lawsuit be filed against the Chargers and the NFL.

The letter, in part, reads:

"We, the citizens of San Diego respectfully demand that our City Mayor Kevin Faulconer file an antitrust lawsuit immediately against the NFL and the Chargers to protect the rights of San Diego citizens. The NFL is a group of 32 owners that have agreed unlawfully to boycott San Diego. The clear anticompetitive purpose of this illegal effort is simple – to line the pockets of the NFL and the Chargers with even more money. The NFL’s greed has resulted in a long history of the League violating the antitrust laws, including in their efforts to artificially control the location of teams. The City of San Diego is entitled to compete on a level playing field to keep the Chargers here. The city, county and UCSD pledged a last minute contribution of $375million towards the cost of a new stadium. This offer (like every other offer) was rejected by the Chargers stating it would not cover cost needed for completion of a new stadium. The NFL monopoly power to remove a professional football team from San Diego for not dishing out more millions is a clear violation of federal antitrust laws, which prohibits monopolists from such gross misuse of their monopoly power."

In 2015, Jauregui was also one of the main proponets of a push to get San Diego to file an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL and Chargers

You can read the full letter below.

Editor's note: Boltman's letter states that UCSD has pledged money to the cause, but a university representative says it has no part in it.

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