“Bolder Than Most” Rapist to Spend Year at Mental Hospital

Alvin Quarles was set for release after serving half his sentence

The sexually violent predator nicknamed the “Bolder than Most” rapist has made a surprise decision to spend at least a year at a mental hospital, forgoing his release for the time being.

Alvin Quarles, 51, was slated for parole late last year after serving 25 years of a 50 year-sentence for four counts of rape, as well as charges of burglary and robbery.

However, when they heard about his early release, his victims and the District Attorney’s office filed a petition to have him civilly committed to a state mental facility.

Quarles’ trial over the issue was set to begin Tuesday, but last week, the convict decided to admit to the allegation that he is a sexually violent predator.

Two of his victims told NBC 7 Monday they are happy he will not be set free, but they’re still frustrated that his release was an option at all.

"No community, no community should have to live with this -- knowing that someone has a history of doing this is there with the opportunity to do this again,” said victim Mary Taylor.

Deputy DA Wendy Patrick said this case is unique because the women who were victims of Quarles’ in the 80s are still willing to have an active role in the case.

“It's true that these cases are battles of the experts because of the person's state of mind, but it was great to see two women brave enough to come forward and be involved,” said Patrick.

Quarles will be able to ask for release after one year in the state mental hospital. His victims and the DA’s office said they will continue to fight to keep him in custody

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